By | August 10, 2017

The round matches of the 2017 NRL, the 110th season of the National Rugby League, are about to end. So, now is the best time to predict how the NRL ladder will pan out and who will finish where. At the end of round 20, Melbourne Storm was at the top with 32 points, while Newcastle Knights sat at the bottom of the pile with just 8 points to its name. As of now, four teams are vying for the top spot. These include the Melbourne Storm, Sydney Roosters, Brisbane Broncos and Cronulla-Sutherland sharks.

 In addition to the fight for the top spot, the battle to finish in the top eight places is also heating up. Apart from the teams mentioned above, eleven other teams have hopes of making it to the finals. These teams include the North Queensland Cowboys, Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles, Paramatta Eels, St- George Illawarra, Penrith Panthers, Canberra Raiders, Gold Coast Titans, New Zealand Warriors and Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs. However, the chances of Penrith Panthers, Canberra Raiders, Gold Coast Titans, New Zealand Warriors, and Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs to make the top 8 are slim. Though, look at the competitive NRL odds to determine if betting on the aforementioned-teams is a sensible thing to do.

While predicting which teams will make it to the finals is important, most people are only interested in knowing who’s going to take the premiership in 2017. Predicting the winner of the 2017 NRL can be a bit tricky. After all, there are still a few games to be played before the finals.

Also, the NRL is filled with instances where the team that finished at the top of the ladder after the round matches did not go onto claim the premiership. So, even if Melbourne Storm finishes top of the ladder after the round matches, there is no guarantee that it’ll be crowned as the winner of the 2017 National Football League come Sunday, October 1st. Nevertheless, we can predict who’ll make it to the elimination finals and who’ll make it to the qualifying finals. This will give us a fair idea of who’s likely to win the 2017 NRL.

Now, the format of the NRL is something you are probably already aware of. If you are, then you’d know that the 1st place team after the round matches plays the 4th placed team, 5th plays 8th, 6th plays 7th and 2nd plays 3rd. The game between the 1st and 4th and the game between 2nd and 3rd are referred to as qualifying finals while the other two games are called the elimination finals.

As the winner of the qualifying finals go straight to the preliminary finals, it is fair to say that whoever makes it to the qualifying finals or finishes in the top 4 has a good chance of winning taking the premiership. So, our picks for the top 4 and consequently the premiership are the Melbourne Storm, Sydney Roosters, Cronulla-Sutherland sharks and the North Queensland Cowboys.

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