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ScoresPro is a free sports results & livescore website which which focuses primarily on football but also covers 14 more sports. Their free football & sports livescores service which was launched in 2004 and has since grown to be one of the biggest livescore & results website in the world! Their fantastic coverage of football livescores includes more than 300 national football leagues, cups & tournaments and a further 145 international football competitions. In total their football coverage includes more than 120 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa, North America & South America.

Their football livescore coverage includes all the biggest leagues from all around the world including the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 & Bundesliga in Europe, The MLS in the USA along with the Serie A in Brazil & the Primera Division in Argentina. Not only do they cover all the major football leagues but they also cover the majority of the minor & semi-professional football leagues from all around the world including first, second, third & fourth divisions, conference divisions & part-time football leagues!

ScoresPro also features very comprehensive fixture listings for all of the hundreds of football competitions they cover; these feature listings are available for the current season of all of their football leagues. These football fixtures include the date at which the matches are schedule to take place, the kick-off times & stadium information. Their fixtures information are updated live in real-time to show any changes that take place to make sure that their website users do not miss a game of football.

We personally love their coverage of handball which features all of our favourite handball leagues from around the world including the Deutscher Handballbund (German Handball League) which is not only my favourite handball league but is the biggest handball league in the world featuring the top handball talent from across the world. ScoresPro covers all of the results, fixtures, standings & stats of the German Handball league making it the only website I need to keep updated. Not only do they fully cover all of the German handball league but ScoresPro also covers all of the other handball leagues which I enjoy including the Handball Federation of Russia (Russian handball league) & the Dansk Håndbold Forbund (Danish Handball Federation) so it’s the only website I need for all of my handball needs, before finding ScoresPro I used to use many websites, one for each handball league, now I only have to use ScoresPro!

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ScoresPro is a free livescore results website that covers 15 sports including football, soccer & handball. Get the latest fixtures, standings & stats at ScoresPro


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