August 20, 2018

How to select the right running belt for you?

There are a lot of different running belts available in the market. Many of them come labelled as the best running belts and you are often left your head scratching over which one to purchase and which one to leave. Especially, if you haven’t used a running belt before, chances are that you will find it pretty tough to buy one. Not because it is not affordable or there are not many good choices in the market, the fact that there are so many of them makes it a hard pick. However, here are a few tips which will help you in making the right choice when it comes to picking your running waistbands.

Right fit

First of all, you need a belt that is the right fit for you. There are belts that come with different designs and it is recommended that you must buy one that has a pouch at the front. Moreover, it should be attached at the lower part of your waist, the widest one. Belts that come with the elastic band can be stretched and adjusted to suit you. Also, if you purchase the one that has silicone grippers on the inside, it assures that the belt won’t go anywhere and will stick to your waist no matter how hard, fast, or long you run. The belt should be designed ergonomically and, with equal distribution of weight throughout the item, it should have minimal interference with your running.

Hydration abilities

When you are out on a running trip, especially if you like to have the long runs through woods and forests, you are likely to run out of water inside your body. It will leave in the form of sweat and you will feel an urge to drink it. There are belts that come with room for water bottles and these can be categorized into three main categories.

First up you have the one that is fully loaded sports belt which has room for one to two bottles, each able to carry 12 to 16 ounces of water. Then you have the simpler one with a water pouch that can carry one bottle water. And lastly, there are running belts that come with holster incorporated in them which allows an individual to carry his or her own bottle (the size of bottle varies and depends on your belt and holster).

Carrying phone and other supplies

There are people that would carry phone along their run. Then there are individuals that put on their headphones and go out on long journeys. Lastly, you have runners who would add some first aid supplies to their belt before they head out to forests for their routine. No matter which category you belong to, you need to see your phone, its usage and carrying, and what the other supplies that you need to carry on your run. Once you figured it all out, head to the market and see the belt that complies with your needs. The best running belts come in all sizes and types with varying room and you are likely to find a good fit for yourself.